The People of the Serpent: The Sessis go about hooded and veiled. It’s not a great secret what their clothes tend to hide, nor is it that they’re hideous — but many people are a little unsettled by snakes. The Sessis mostly appear like slender humanoids with scaled skin, pointed teeth, and reptilian eyes.

Rare Goods and Unique Bargains: Sessis are generally nomadic; they’re known throughout Akriton as roving, mysterious peddlers and brokers who have a knack for finding odd wares and unusual secrets.

Bloodlines: There are two primary bloodlines of Sessis. The Ophis are the most common, and have developed a knack for venom in the interests of self-defense. The Gorgonna are a rarer, more mystical bloodline — largely female — who carry a stronger and more particular form of the serpent’s touch.

Sample Cultural Backgrounds: Caravan Guide; Traveling Rumor-broker; Freelance Antiquarian; Apothecary-Archer; Serpent Cult Oracle; Esoteric Mason

Mechanics: See below.


Ability Scores: +2 to Dexterity or Intelligence or Charisma
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light

  • Cultural Background +2
  • Venomous Blood: You gain resist poison equal to 5 + half your level.
  • Slither Free: When you are restrained, immobilized or grabbed, you may make a skill check against Reflex to break free as a free action at the beginning of your turn, once per turn. You also receive a +2 racial bonus on any skill checks to escape these conditions.
  • Ground-Lithe: When you are prone, you gain a +2 bonus to all defenses (this stacks with the bonus against ranged attacks), you may move your full speed as a move action, and you can shift normally. However, you still grant advantage to adjacent foes and cannot gain advantage.
  • sidewind racial power

Sidewinder Ambush – Encounter

Move action
Effect: You shift half your speed. If you were prone, you may stand up as a free action before making the attack.


Ability Scores: +2 to Dexterity or Wisdom or Charisma
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light

  • Cultural Background +2
  • Blood of the Gorgon: You can make saving throws against poison or petrification effects at the beginning of your turn as well as at the end of your turn. If you fail the save at the beginning of your turn, it does not count as a failed save for purposes of your condition worsening.
  • Snakes for Hair: You can see behind you, though your snakes’ eyesight is poor. Creatures flanking you do not get the +2 bonus to hit from combat advantage.
  • gorgon’s eye racial power

Gorgon’s Eye – Encounter

Standard action – Ranged 10
Special: When you create your character, choose Dexterity, Wisdom, or Charisma as the ability score you use when making attack rolls with this power. This choice remains throughout your character’s life and does not change the power’s other effects.
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity + 2 vs. Fortitude, Wisdom + 2 vs. Fortitude, or Charisma + 2 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d4 + Dexterity, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier damage + 3 ongoing damage (save ends). If the target falls to 0 hp when taking ongoing damage from this power, the target or the target’s corpse is petrified.
Increase to +4 bonus, 2d4 + [ability] modifier damage, and + 6 ongoing damage at 11th level, and to +6 bonus, 3d4 + [ability] modifier damage, and + 9 ongoing damage at 21st level.

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