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The Premise

The PCs begin play as low-ranking members of the Lionbloods guild, established enough to get sent on missions but not established enough to be favorites with the guildmasters. After a few adventures, the restless PCs get an interesting opportunity — the chance to strike out on their own, capture a dungeon, and found their own guild. And that’s where the other part of the game begins…


Picture an hourglass, where the stem is the isthmus between two continents. Akriton is the northern half of the hourglass, or rather, a southern portion of a continent reaching down for its twin.

The Cities

The Noble Houses

The noble houses of Akriton are in decline. Every year more of their subjects leave their domains to seek new opportunity in the guild-towns.

The Guilds

  • One of the most prominent guilds, Dragon Gear founded the city of Mainspring, and is the most notable source of clockwork technology in Akriton.
  • The Golden Apple have transformed the land around their conquered dungeon to the renowned orchards, fields, and vineyards of Arbor.
  • The valiant lords of Pride, the Lionbloods are the aggressive and ambitious guild where the story begins.
  • The beautiful settlement of Muse, beloved of artists and lovers, is a jewel polished by the flamboyant dream-vendors of Masquerade Heart.
  • The dungeon conquered by Wheel of Fortune is reputedly the strangest of all, for the goods sold out of Roulette change every month.
  • Operating out of Husk, the smaller guild Death Mantis is infamous for slaying its own archon during its founding.

The Dungeons

The changes in Akriton — the decline of the old order, the rise of the guilds — are due to the appearance, or perhaps reappearance, of the dungeons. These strange constructions are born from the Infinite Labyrinth, extruded into the world. Dungeons offer danger and great rewards; those who reach the heart of a dungeon and make an arrangement with the archon who shapes it can then gain control of the dungeon’s keystone. With archon and keystone, a group can turn a dungeon into a sanctum and profit from the wonders unique to the place, changing the world with wonders such as alchemy and clockwork. This is how the guilds have come to be.


  • Blood Steppe: Dangerous plains to the northeast, home of monstrous beasts and the gnolls who hunt them
  • Quadriconus: The City on the Strait, immense trade city and gateway to the South
  • Morkan Sarn: The militaristic bugbear empire to the northwest, noted for its Juggernaut Thrones

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