Culturally, Akriton is a melting pot. The people left behind when the Eight Storms fell have mingled with the diverse and cosmopolitan immigrants from Quadriconus and the Arvidian Dynasty. This leads to a lot of diversity within a species, and a lot of species diversity within the population. The following species (often listed with potential mechanical equivalents) are the most likely to show up, but there may be more.

Most Common:

  • Humans — A far-ranging species with a lot of interest in trade. They show up everywhere.
  • Onikin (orcs, half-orcs, goliaths) — Remnants and descendants of the time of the Eight Storms.
  • Thera (shifters) — Mortals descended from spirit beasts. There are two major groups of Thera: the aristocrats and trader-folk from the south, and the wilder clans of the Akriton wilds.

Less Common:

  • Tieflings, devas, shadowborn (shadar-kai), genasi — Unusual bloodlines aren’t unheard-of, especially in some of the odder noble houses.
  • Doppelgangers (changelings) — Some people are changed by the Caul and keep changing. Those that breed true have developed an odd, secretive culture of their own.
  • Drakha (dragonborn) — Draconian folks, descendants of traders who settled in and became naturalized Arvidians.
  • Hamadryads (wilden or hamadryads) — Bark-skinned, sap-blooded plant people. They’ve been around forever, but they aren’t very prolific.
  • Kobolds — Reclusive pseudo-canids (like jackals, coyotes, or a bit bulldogish) who sometimes leave their underground den-towns to mingle with the bigger people.
  • Revenants — Accidents happen. Sometimes people come back from them.

More Recent Arrivals:

  • Bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins — Hailing from the Morkan Sarn bugbear empire to the northwest.
  • Eladrin — From a faraway land on the southern continent, where they apparently idolize Thrones. They need specialized breathing apparatuses to thrive in the lower-magic environment of Akriton. Pretty rare.
  • Gaunt (githzerai / githyanki) — A cryptic people who apparently come from the Labyrinth itself.
  • Gnolls — From the Blood Steppe to the northeast. Notorious for armor and weapons made from terrifying monsters.
  • Minotaurs — Most in Akriton are refugees of Labrys, a northwestern mountain nation-state recently conquered by the Morkan Sarn.
  • Sessis — A veiled people from the south, with snakelike scales and eyes. Trade in odd goods.
  • Warforged — Some were found in the dungeons. A few are recovered oni constructs. Others might be from elsewhere.


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