To understand Akriton, understand these four things:

- The noble houses of the Arvidian dynasty are in decline, their influence a shadow of what it once was: a shadow cast by the meteoric rise of the guilds, the new power of Akriton.

- The guilds are home to adventurers, fortune-seekers, and even heroes, but the secrets to their ascendance are the secrets of the dungeons they conquered.

- Guided by the archons — the strange and chimerical spirits that govern the dungeons — the Guilds have brought forth wonders: clockwork mechanisms, alchemical creations, outlandish orchards, even bottled dreams.

- And all this change came when the dungeons appeared: pushed out into the material world from the other reality, the dreams of a slumbering or dying or dead demiurge: the Infinite Labyrinth.

Joining a guild is the second-greatest opportunity in Akriton: the resources of a tamed dungeon, the patronage of an archon, the network of talented guildmates, and, if you’re lucky, the guidance of wise and generous guildmasters.

But the greatest opportunity is founding a guild of your own…

The Infinite Labyrinth

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